Why should I buy solar panels?

There are several reasons to buy solar panels: they help cut down or eliminate your electric bill, they use green, renewable energy and in the long term they are one of the best energy investments available!

What makes Santan Solar so special?

We sell new, used, refurbished, repaired and overstock solar panels for very affordable prices.

What does PV or Photovoltaic mean?

PV stands for Photovoltaic, and it translates to light (photo) electricity (voltaic). This is another name you might see instead of solar panels, or solar cells. It all refers to typical solar panels.

Do solar panels work on cloudy or snowy days?

Solar panels still work on cloudy days! Solar panels function best in what are called “optimal conditions”. This means your panels are generating the most energy they can on days when the sun is shining brightly right on them, but even on a cloudy day they can still produce energy. If snow gets on the panels, it almost always comes off the next sunny day.

What about if they get dirty with pollen or dirt?

A little bit of dirt or pollen shouldn’t affect your solar panels at all, and it will wash off the next time it rains leaving them clean and ready to roll!

How many solar panels do I need?

This is a tricky question, and the answer depends on what you’re trying to power. Let’s say you’re trying to power an a/c unit that requires 900 watts, you need enough panels to generate 900 watts. Sometimes it requires a little more energy to start the device than you need to keep it running. This also assumes optimal conditions. So, the short answer to how many do I need is usually as many as you can get!

Do you install the solar panels?

Right now, no, but it is something we hope to add in the future!

How much is shipping?

We’ll add shipping to the list price of the panel. Because solar panels are big and heavy, they have special shipping conditions. A good rule of thumb is that the more panels you buy, the cheaper shipping gets per panel. We’re located in Gilbert, AZ, and when you give us your zip code, we check with our freight team and get a quote. If the delivery is residential it adds $50, and if you want a liftgate on the truck (if you don’t have your own forklift or a loading dock) it adds another $50. This tool gives a close estimate but is not the actual total.

Can I pick up locally?

Absolutely! We have people come daily with minivans, trucks, trailers and moving vans to pick up their panels.

What is the voltage of your panels?

Almost all of our panels are 24 volts. Make sure the battery or appliance you’re using can handle that much electricity. If it can’t, look into a charge controller which controls the flow of electricity from your panel to whatever you’re powering. We recommend the MPPT Charge Controller, which we have in stock!

Do you sell mounting systems or other accessories?

Apart from solar panels we sell z brackets for mounting systems, smaller charge controllers, and cabling. We currently don’t sell inverters nor mounting systems, but we’re keeping an eye out!

How long do the panels last?

Most manufacturers claim that their panels will produce up to 80% for around 20 years! Different manufacturers have different specs but we’re confident these panels will last you a very long time.

Does Santan Solar warranty its panels?

We have a standard 1 year warranty on all our panels – and if you’re interested, ask about an extended 3 year warranty.

Do these solar panels have a manufacturer’s warranty?

Because we sell these as a 3rd party, they do not carry a manufacturer’s warranty. We perform our own quality and performance checks and are confident that the panels you get will perform exceptionally.

Is there a minimum order for solar panels?

Nope! If you want just 1 panel, you got it! Many of our clients are RV enthusiasts, DIYers, and small scale installers, so if you want to pick up just a few, we’re happy to accommodate! Remember, for shipping purposes, the more you order the cheaper the shipping cost per panel, or consider self pick-up!

Is same day pick up an option?

For smaller orders, absolutely! For larger orders it takes a little more preparation to get ready, so it helps to give us 24 hours notice if possible. We do our best to get you out the door with your order as soon as possible!