Big Battery 48V CNDR Elite Battery



Solar panels need a place to store the suns’ energy.  Use the Big battery to get the power you desire to keep you off-grid longer.

So if you’re looking to massively upgrade your power system, check out our 48V CNDR Elite!

Big Battery 48V CNDR Elite - LiFePO4 - 231Ah - 11.8kWh Battery


The CNDR is back! Our new 48V CNDR Elite comes with all our Elite class upgrades. With 11.8 kWh and 231 Ah of capacity, this is one of the most power dense mid-sized batteries we offer. Designed with you're off-grid and solar applications in mind, this unit comes in a compact and portable housing which can be discreetly stored in you're garage or shed. Plus, the CNDR Elite comes equipped with BigBattery’s proprietary Triple Safety Redundancy System and an LED Smart Display on the front so you can monitor the status of you're battery at all times including amperage, voltage, temperature, cycle count, cell voltage, and more. Connect several together in parallel for a massive home power system, or store one away for emergency power should you ever need it. With a 175 Ah Continuous Discharge Rate, you could power you're entire 2-4 bedroom home off a single CNDR Elite! This beast of a battery is manufactured right here in the USA and is by far the most cost-effective (price/kWh) mid-sized battery in it's class available today, all while being backed by a comprehensive 10-Year Warranty. So if you’re looking to massively upgrade you're power system, check out our 48V CNDR Elite!

Data Specs:

  • Voltage: 48V
  • Chemistry: LiFePO4
  • Charging Voltage Range: 55.6 - 58.0
  • Max Charge Voltage: 58.8V
  • Operating Voltage Range: 43 - 58.8V
  • kWh Capacity: 11.8kWh
  • Ah Capacity: 231Ah
  • Cell Configuration: 16S
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current Amps: 175
  • Max Continuous Power Watts: 7500
  • Max Discharge Peak Current Amps: 350 (6 Seconds)
  • Max Charge Current Amps: 90 Charge Temp Range (°C): 0°C (32°F) / 55°C (131°F)
  • Discharge Temp Range (°C): -30°C (-22°F) / 55°C (131°F)
  • Optimal Discharge Temp Range: 15°C (59°F) / 35°C (95°F)

Safety Features:

  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over-Current (Thermal Management System),
  • Safety Fuse (300A)
  • Parallel: Up To (8) Parallel



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