Blemished Used Canadian Solar 255W Solar Panel



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These panels are only located at / shipped from our Savannah, GA warehousefs

They are all covered with our 1-year SanTan Warranty.

Blemished Used Canadian Solar 255W Solar Panel 

These panels are located in Savannah, GA ONLY

These used panels have developed cell-side vinyl cracking, which is cracking in the vinyl layering beneath the cells. This has allowed for water intrusion, which may have caused discoloration on the vinyl and busbars. They may contain other blemishes such as snail trails or minor surface scratches.  Please see pictures for more details.  The panels still output approx. 75% of the listed specifications.


  • UV stabilized, aesthetically pleasing black anodized frame
  • Supported by major mounting structure manufacturers
  • Easily accessible grounding points on all four corners for fast installation
  • Proven junction box technology with PV wire to work with transformer fewer inverters
  • Quality locking plug-in connectors to provide safe & quick connections
  • 1 Year SanTan Warranty (no mfg warranty)


  • Rated Power: 255W
  • Open circuit voltage (VOC): 37.4 V
  • Max power voltage (VMP): 30.2 V
  • Short circuit current (ISC): 9.0 A
  • Max power current: 8.43 A
  • Maximum system voltage: 600V (UL)/1000V (UL)/1000V (IEC)
  • Fuse Rating: 15 A
  • Weight: 40.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 1638 x 982 x 40mm (64.5 x 38.7 x 1.57in)

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Weight 45 lbs

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