Epever 40A Solar Charge Controller



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EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller Tracer 4210AN Tracer AN series controller is based on common negative design and advanced MPPT control algorithm, with LCD displaying running status. This product is artistic, economical and practical.

Epever 4210 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller


EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller Tracer Tracer 4210AN Tracer AN series controller is based on common negative design and advanced MPPT control algorithm, with LCD displaying running status, this product is artistic, economical and practical. The MPPT control algorithm can minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time, quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array and obtain the maximum energy from solar modules under any conditions; and can increase the ratio of energy utilization in the solar system by 20%-30% compared with a PWM charging method.

Limiting the charging power & current and reducing charging power functions ensure the system stable with over PV modules in high temperature environment, and increase the professional protection chip from the RS485 port, further improving the reliability and meeting the different application requirements.

Tracer AN series controller owns self-adaptive three-stage charging mode based on digital control circuit, which can effectively prolong the lifespan of battery and significantly improve the system performance. It also has comprehensive electronic protection for overcharge, overdischarge, PV & battery reverse etc, to ensure the solar system more reliable and more durable. This controller can be widely used for RV, communication base station, household system, field monitoring and many other areas.


  • Nominal system voltage:12/24VDC auto work
  • Rated charge current :40A
  • Rated discharge current: 40A
  • Battery input voltage range: 8-32V
  • Max. PV open circuit voltage:100V(at minimum operating environment temperature) 92V(at 25℃ environment temperature)
  • MPP voltage range:V(BAT)+2V~72V
  • Max. PV input power:520W(12V Battery) & 1040W(24V battery)
  • Power terminals:#6 AWG(16mm2)


  • 100% charging and discharging in working environment temperature
  • High quality and low failure rate components(ST/IR/Infineon) to ensure service life
  • Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%
  • Maximum DC/DC conversion efficiency of 98%
  • Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency
  • Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the MPP loss rate and loss time
  • Accurate recognition and tracking of multiple-peaks maximum power point
  • Wide MPP operating voltage range
  • Limit charging power & current over rated range
  • Support the lead-acid and lithium batteries with the needed tem. compensation
  • Real-time energy statistics function
  • Power reduction automatically over temperature range
  • Multiple load work modes
  • Comprehensive electronic protection
  • RS485 with 5V/100mA protected output for no power devices, with Modbud
  • Monitor and set the parameters via APP or PC software (requires additional hardware, not included)

*If the temperature sensor is short-circuited or damaged, the controller will charge or discharge at the default temperature setting of 25°C.


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