MPP LV6048 Hybrid Inverter 120/240V 48V



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Single or Split phase 6kW 120V/240V, 48V , can be daisy chained up to 3 units


MPP LV6048 Hybrid Inverter 120/240V 48V


  • Dual Internal Pure sine wave Configurable  Inverter
  • Configured as single-phase 6kW at 120V,   (0 Degree Phase shift, Output L1 and L2 connected together)
  • 6kW Split phase inverter   120V – 0 V – 120V (240V between L1 and L2)  (180 Degree Phase shift between L1 and L2) a two-phase 208V inverter  ( 120 Degree Phase Shift between L1 and L2 )1d) With three inverters, a three-phase ( L1, L2 and L3 being 120 Degrees apart, as in three-phase systems)
  • Dual 4 kW Solar charge controllers per unit  (8 kW in total )
  • 60 A Utility Battery Charger  (Will automatically charge you're battery from Utility power in the event of low battery voltage – remember not 60A from Utility – 60 A to Battery, 60A x 48V = 2.8kW = 23A at 120V input)
  • Internal Transfer Relay, will switch your load to Utility power if your battery voltage drops below a user setpoint voltage
  • Can operate as a stand-alone UPS system (does not require solar panel input) It will switch your load over to battery power in the event of power failure
  • Has programmable dry contact relay, can be triggered on a programmable range of battery voltages and levels  (can be used to start a generator, or an alarm, or whatever you choose to do with it)

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split phase LV6048

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