MPP LV6548 Hybrid Inverter



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Now TUV / UL certified this inverter is fully compliant in regions that recognize this important safety standard.


MPP LV6548 Hybrid Inverter 120V 48V UL


  • 6.5kw / 48V pure sine wave output 120V AC
  • 120A Mppt at max 250Voc – 2 x (60A – 4kW MPPT Charge Controllers)
  • 120A Utility Charger (120A at 48V = 5.7kW or 48A at 120V)
  • High PV Input 250V (Voc)  Open circuit)
  • Supports Equalization Charge up to 62V


  • Built in Genset dry contact start/stop relay
  • Lithium / LiFePO4 , AGm, Flooded, Silica Salt battery compatible, and more  (custom parameters can be set according to any battery between 40 and 62V)
  • Can be timed to only charge the battery via Utility power during certain hours  (load shifting to charge on off peak rates, and using the battery during peak tariffs)
  • Battery fewer operation (singe unit mode only) (When using two or more, battery IS REQUIRED, due to the erratic nature of solar energy)
  • Built in parallel kits/ Parallelable up to 6 units
  • Built in Wifi Transmitter
  • Dual PV inputs
  • BMS Support (Pylontech, Weco, Soltaro) – Separate BMS cable required
  • Timer for output and Timer for charging
  • Built In LED RGB panel display to show operational mode

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Only 11 left in stock

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