SunPower 327W

On Sale For $100!

These used SunPower 327W monocrystalline panels are available for $100! These panels are highly efficient, perform well even in high temperatures and low light, and are in good condition with normal wear and tear for used panels.

Blue E20 327W Solar Panel
Blue E20 327W Solar Panel

4 Reasons to Buy the SunPower 327W





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Our SunPower 327W panels are an affordable addition to your home. With prices this low, you can go solar and not break the bank.

SunPower's solar panels are among the most efficient on the market. These 327W panels have an initial efficiency over 20% and perform well even in cloudy weather.

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SunPower 327W panels are built to last. While these are sold without SunPower warranty, we warranty them for 60 days to make sure they'll work for you on install.

On or off-grid, powering a house, RV, or a pool, the SunPower 327W panel will power your life.

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