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SunPower P17 335W

On Sale For $105!

The SunPower P17 335W polycrystalline panels are brand new for only $105! These P-Series panels deliver more energy due to higher performance in row-to-row shading, allowing closer row spacing and more energy from the same area. The parallel circuitry limits shading loss to the shaded area only instead of much larger sections of energy loss in standard panels.

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4 Reasons to Buy the SunPower P17 335W

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Our SunPower 335W panels are an affordable addition to your home. With prices this low, you can go solar and not break the bank.

SunPower's solar panels are among the most efficient on the market. These 335W panels have an initial efficiency over 20% and perform well even in cloudy weather.

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SunPower 335W panels are built to last. While these are sold without SunPower warranty, we warranty them for 1 year, with the option to purchase 4 additional years, for a total of a 5 year extended warranty.

On or off-grid, powering a house, RV, or a pool, the SunPower 335W panel will power your life.

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