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5 Common Solar Q’s Answered

Feb 20 2020

Our team at SanTan Solar often receives various questions regarding anything solar related. We often ...

What Does On-Grid and Off-Grid Mean?

Feb 20 2020

When you decide to use solar energy, it's important to choice the correct system to ...

The Benefits of Buying Used Solar Panels

solar panels facing the cloudy sky

Feb 20 2020

Buying used solar panels is a lot like buying a used car, if you’re confident ...

Federal Incentives to go Solar

Jan 8 2020

Planning on switching to solar energy? Take advantage of tax breaks and rebates available in ...

Solar Panel Laws

Jan 8 2020

Are there any regulations that could prohibit you from installing solar panels? Last updated on ...

How Do Solar Farms Work?

Jan 8 2020

How do these farms work, exactly? Last updated on 11/26/19, by Esmeralda Torres | Written ...

Solar Humanitarian Work

Jan 8 2020

How is solar power changing lives across the world? Last updated on 11/4/19 | Written ...

Solar Panel Longevity

Jan 8 2020

Exactly how much do solar panels wear out over time? Last updated on 10/28/19, by ...