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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need To Charge My Battery Bank?

One of the first questions that beginners ask as they plan out their solar setup is: “How many solar panels should I buy?” While it may seem like a simple question, the answer depends on a huge number of factors. These factors include: (1) Your daily drain and how much sunlight you expect to receive…
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Setting Up Your Solar System in Four Easy Steps

The Four Main Elements of Most Solar Power Systems There are four main elements in most Solar Power systems. The four elements are the following: First, your Solar Panels, which gather energy from the sun. Second, your Charge Controller, which regulates the electricity coming from your panels to avoid damaging your battery bank. Third, your…
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Power Your Appliances With Solar Energy: Parallel vs Series

An Overview to Powering Your Appliances With Solar Energy We can divide our solar power setup into three main sections. These are (1) the battery/power supply, (2) the appliances we want to power that drain our batteries, and (3) the solar panels that recharge our batteries. Both our batteries and our panels can be wired…
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5 Common Solar Q’s Answered

Our team at SanTan Solar often receives various questions regarding anything solar related. We often get asked what you need to install solar panels, the amount of panels you need to start your solar journey, what the right panel is for your solar project, etc. Our teams does their best at answering these questions and…
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What Does On-Grid and Off-Grid Mean?

When you decide to use solar energy, it’s important to choice the correct system to satisfy your needs. You face the decision of staying connected to the electrical grid, disconnecting from it or sticking to a combination of both. We’re here to help you decide what works best for you and to finally answer ……
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The Benefits of Buying Used Solar Panels

Buying used solar panels is a lot like buying a used car, if you’re confident it was well cared for and the proper maintenance has been done, it can be a real bargain! Buying used solar panels can be a tempting offer, but is it worth your investment? Have you ever considered buying a used…
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Federal Incentives to go Solar

Planning on switching to solar energy? Take advantage of tax breaks and rebates available in your state! Last updated on 12/17/19, by Esmeralda Torres | Written by Nina Goodey Wondering which government financial incentives you’ll qualify for if you decide to go solar? Take a look below to see which tax breaks and bonuses you’ll…
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How Do Solar Farms Work?

How do these farms work, exactly? Last updated on 11/26/19, by Esmeralda Torres | Written by Nina Goodey What are Solar Farms? Solar farms are massive installations of solar panels to generate power for the local electrical grid, and they’re becoming increasingly more common as the price of solar panels drops. You’ve probably seen news…
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Solar Panel Longevity

Exactly how much do solar panels wear out over time? Last updated on 10/28/19, by Esmeralda Torres | Written by Nina Goodey While solar panels degrade a little every year from exposure, they’ll last you decades and they’re an excellent investment, new or used. Efficiency vs. Lifespan If you’re shopping around for the best solar…
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Have Electricity on the Go by Traveling With Solar

When you’re constantly out on the open road and enjoying nature, have you ever thought about going solar on your travels? Last updated on 10/21/19, by Esmeralda Torres | Written by Jaelyn Dunbar Make The Change To Solar If you are frequently camping or RVing, are you always connecting to the grid? Isn’t it expensive…
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