SanTan Solar Earth Day Sale

Celebrate Earth Day with us here at SanTan Solar by enjoying sales, giveaways and more. Take a look at what we're doing to celebrate this month.

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10% Off Used Solar Panels

During the month of April enjoy 10% (Promo Code: EarthDay) off all used solar panels. This is a great way to keep reusable solar modules out of landfills and re-purposed. We test each panel to ensure optimal output so that your investment lasts. 

Photo and pics

$100 Photo Contest

During April post a picture of your solar system or your rig and tag us using the hashtag #SanTanSolarEarthDay to enter for a chance to win $100 off your next purchase.

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22nd and 50th Order Specials

During April the 22nd and 50th online order will receive a little extra swag along with their purchase. We're giving away hats, shirts, stickers and more! Good luck, we hope you get it!

SanTan Solar Loves To Give Back

HOWA Donations

SanTan Solar was contacted by Bob Wells and invited to participate in the HOWA program. We ended up donating a few solar panels and it turned into a much bigger event than we realized! Go check them out at

Van Build 2019

The Van Build reached out to us and asked us to come to their event as a vendor. We were able to donate a few extra solar panels and help people get some solar on their RV's. Check out their stuff over at

School Building

School Donations

Starting this year SanTan Solar is starting a school donation program to provide solar panels to science classrooms and schools to help kids learn more about renewable energy.