K2 Yeti Hidden End Clamp 2.0 for Cross Rail 13mm



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The CrossRail 44-X/48-X/48-XL/80 mounting system for photovoltaic assemblies is suitable for pitched roofs. It works with most residential roof types including tile and shingle roofs. This system is compatible with commonly available roof hooks including our own Flat Tile Hook and Tile Hook 3S.

  • UL 2703 Listed for bonding and fire - allows one lug per module row, eliminating cost and labor
  • Aluminum made, high corrosion resistance roof hooks and rail
  • Fast, simple installation with our preassembled universal bonding clamps and low part count

The Yeti Clamp is K2 Systems' version of the hidden end clamp. The Yeti Clamp maintains the structural integrity of the K2 Systems standard end clamp but provides enhanced aesthetics through interior clamping.

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