MPP LV6548 6.5KW 5.1kwh Off Grid Solar Panel Kit



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MPP LV6548 6KW 48V HSKY 103AH Off Grid Solar Panel Kit with 6KW of used SanTan Solar T-Series 250W solar panels. Check out our racking options. Perfect for a small DIY grid tie solar project.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x new MPP LV 6548 Hybrid Inverter
  • 1 x PowerUpESS 5.1KWh Battery
  • 24 x used 250W panels
    • Kit can include any brand of 250W panels. Typically would be REC, Yingli, Trina, Canadian, Qcell, etc.
  • 1 x Midnite Solar Combiner Box MNPV12-250
  • 4 x Midnite Solar Circuit Breaker MNEPV15-300
  • 1 x 200 ft. of red PV wire with MC4 connectors
  • 1 x 200 ft. of black PV wire with MC4 connectors
  • 1 x 10 pack of MC4 connectors (male & female)
  • 1 x 5 Way Circuit Breaker Box For PV Array Disconnect HT-5
  • 2 x 63A 2 Pole Mini Circuit Breaker 250V
  • 1 x Suntree 1000V 250A 2P DC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Accessories not included:

  • wire to connect the combiner boxes with the inverter. Depends on length. 25' - 8AWG, 50' - 4AWG, 100' 2AWG.
  • 2/0 wire with ring posts to connect inverter to Suntree circuit breaker.



  • 6.5kw / 48V pure sine wave output 120V AC
  • 120A Mppt at max 250Voc – 2 x (60A – 4kW MPPT Charge Controllers)
  • 120A Utility Charger (120A at 48V = 5.7kW or 48A at 120V)
  • High PV Input 250V (Voc)  Open circuit)
  • Supports Equalization Charge up to 62V


  • Built in Genset dry contact start/stop relay
  • Lithium / LiFePO4 , AGm, Flooded, Silica Salt battery compatible, and more  (custom parameters can be set according to any battery between 40 and 62V)
  • Can be timed to only charge the battery via Utility power during certain hours  (load shifting to charge on off peak rates, and using the battery during peak tariffs)
  • Battery fewer operation (singe unit mode only) (When using two or more, battery IS REQUIRED, due to the erratic nature of solar energy)
  • Built in parallel kits/ Parallelable up to 6 units
  • Built in Wifi Transmitter
  • Dual PV inputs
  • BMS Support (Pylontech, Weco, Soltaro) – Separate BMS cable required
  • Timer for output and Timer for charging
  • Built In LED RGB panel display to show operational mode

Midnite Solar Combiner Box:

The MNPV12 will accept 12 single-pole 150 VDC breakers or ten 600/1,000 positive VDC fuse holders. It includes a 15-position PV-negative busbar, 15-position ground bus bar, and two 200 A Plus busbars for breakers or fuses. Positive busbars can be combined or separated to support two grid-tie inverters or two charge controllers. Most charge controllers and grid-tie inverters can have a common negative PV bus (except Schneider XW and BlueSky).

Solar Panels:

These are used panels in good physical condition. Manufacturing labels have been removed. Panels have been tested and have a good output. These would need to be for off-grid applications.


  • 60 cell, polycrystalline
  • Weather resistant. Certified for salt mist and ammonia resistance
  • Anti-Reflection surface treatment

Specifications: (will vary depending on panel make and model)

  • Rated Power: 250W
  • Open circuit voltage (VOC): 37.6 V
  • Max power voltage (VMP): 30.3 V
  • Short circuit current (ISC): 8.85 A
  • Max power current: 8.27 A
  • Power Tolerance 0/+3%
  • Maximum system voltage: 600V (UL)
  • Fuse Rating: 15 A
  • IP65 Junction Box w/MC4 Compatible Connectors
  • Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 41 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 64.95 × 39.05 × 1.37 inches (1650 × 992 × 35mm)

PowerUpESS 5.1kwh LFP Battery Rackmount

Batteries come with the brackets to rack mount but the brackets used for stacking are sold separately.

POWERUPESS  is a provider of  high quality energy storage system using Lithium Iron Phosphate . Our current model is made with   Grade-A UL Listed cells with a high quality and Reliable BMS.  The integration (closed-loop-communication) of our product with other power electronics  is seamless.

A Grade UL Listed cells, same factory as competition product

Important!  Warranty only applies if connected to MPP Solar or Growatt charge controllers  (Some charge controllers such as PWM and other MPPTs  etc drastically overcharge and can damage BMSs and cells by putting the entire Solar Array open circuit voltage directly to the battery terminals)

BMS communication, BMS IS compatible with MPP Solar and  Growatt  (cables purchased separately)

5 Year Warranty 6000 Cycles 90% DOD ,

Electric Specs:

  • Nominal Voltage 51.2 V
  • Mean Operation Voltage 49.5-50.5V
  • Nominal Capacity 100 Ah
  • Energy 5120 Wh
  • Communication CAN 2.0 / RS232/ RS485
  • Resistance ≤40 mΩ @ 50% SOC


  • Recommended Charge Current 20A (Charge time: ≈6hrs)
  • Maximum Charge Current 100A (Charge time: ≈2hrs)
  • Charge Over Current Protection (BMS) 110±5A
  • Recommended Charge Voltage 53.2-54V
  • Charge Cut-Off Voltage (BMS) 3.70±0.025 V/Cell (1sec)
  • Reconnect Voltage (BMS) 3.45±0.02 V/Cell
  • Balancing Voltage Threshold (BMS) 3.45V/Cell

Additional information

Weight 1300 lbs

Datasheets / manuals / wiring diagrams

Datasheet Inverter

Datasheet Combiner box

Datasheet battery

Wiring Diagram



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