Airspool Solar Hybrid AC Unit With Heat Pump



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At last! An air conditioner powered by solar makes sense, and Airspool is working to make it easy. Airspool is now Energy Star approved. Your are eligible to receive a 30% tax credit off your purchase via a federal tax credit through the Inflation Reduction Act.

12,000 BTU cooling/14,000 BTU heating; 13.04 EER; 22 SEER2 when on grid.

Finally, solar-powered air conditioning has arrived.  How is Airspool different? What makes it ideal for both off-gridders and anyone who wants to save money?

  • Simply click in 80v to 380v of solar panels to the outside part of the system using standard MC4 connectors, and if it’s sunny, Airspool runs! No voltage regulators, batteries, or inverters are needed. 
  • And, since Airspool’s compressor and fan motors are variable speed, you avoid the inrush, or surge, current which was a problem to run air conditioning using solar in the past. 
  • Cloudy or nighttime?  No problem! Airpsool runs at 22 SEER2 (the new, harder efficiency standard) using an optional 110-120v alternating current connection to fill in the gaps.    Solar is always prioritized.  (Note:  If you already have a 220v – 240v outlet, Airspool can also use this voltage, whichever is easier for you.)
  • Control your unit, schedule on/off times, and monitor your savings from anywhere in the world with the Airspool app.

Save your battery bank, save money and save the environment…with Airspool!

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