What Does On-Grid and Off-Grid Mean?

When you decide to use solar energy, it’s important to choice the correct system to satisfy your needs. You face the decision of staying connected to the electrical grid, disconnecting from it or sticking to a combination of both. We’re here to help you decide what works best for you and to finally answer … What is the difference?


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If you decide to stay on the grid, that means that your system will be directly connected to the electrical grid that powers the community. This give source of energy to compensate for any power loss if your solar system stops working for any reason. For the public services of the local grid, this connection would allow for any solar energy that your system generates to combine with that grid and then the members of the local community could use it.

Being connected to the local grid and returning the energy could qualify you for credits in compensations for the electricity your system generates depending on where you live.

Although the the solar systems connected to the grid don’t work when there’s a power outage because it can be dangerous for the electricians who work bringing the electricity back from the outage.

Anyways, if you’re connected to the grid, check in with your company of local services about how to proceed.  



Choosing an off-grid system means completely disassociating your system from the local power grid, which then means that your panels are independently producing energy for your electricity. Most people who use off-grid systems are those who travel, specifically in an RV or camper, people who don’t have access to the grids, or simply those who want to rely completely on their own system for power.

Choosing an off-grid system means completely dissociating your system from the local power grid, which then means that your panels are independently producing energy for your electricity. Which also means that this requires extra equipment because you need to assure yourself that this generates enough energy for your needs in all climate circumstances.

On the other side, if something is wrong with your system, you would find yourself without access to a backup energy source and might have to buy an energy generator.


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A good half-point is a hybrid system like an electric car, a hybrid system combines the best of both systems and allows the owner of the property to be self-sufficient and at the same time have a strong backup source of energy.

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