Save BIG This Summer With A Solar Pool Pump

Summer is Here! Learn How A Solar Pump for Your Pool Can Help You Cut Those Summer Electricity Bills!

Last updated on August 16, 2019, by Yesenia Torres | Written by Whitney Lawrence

Let’s start with the basics! How do solar pool pumps work?

Summer is right around the corner and warm weather and sunshine call for days relaxing by the pool. Now is the time to prepare your wallet and your pool for the fun days ahead. If you own a pool, you know how expensive it can be to run your pool pump. Cut your electricity bill by up to 20% and install a solar pool pump.

Pool pumps are used to circulate your water from your pool to the filter, then back to your pool.

As seen in the image above, the water leaves the pool through the skimmer. The skimmer is a basket that catches all the larger items that would clog up the drain, like big leaves, small amphibians and reptiles.

After passing through the drain and skimmer, the water passes through another basket that catches smaller item that passed through the skimmer, such as hair, small leaves, grass, bugs, etc.

Then the propeller of the pump moves the water to the main filter. Inside the main filter, there is a bed made up of sand or glass which is made to catch dirt and small particles as the water passes through.

After leaving the filter, the water is returned to the pool through pipes that lead to the jet nozzles (on the opposite side of the pool as the skimmer).

This filtration process ensures the pool is clean.

solar pool pump

Now that we know how they work… why go solar?

A conventional pool pump uses electricity from the grid. This means, your pool pump is contributing up to 20% of your electricity bill.

Instead, you can power your pool pump for free using the sun! As if you needed any additional reasons to go solar, here are a few more:

    • Your PV solar panels were built to last at least 20 years.

    • You can take advantage of the 30% US Federal tax credit for using solar. Plus, many states have their own additional tax credits.

    • It will increase the value of your home.

    • You can run your pool pump 24 hours a day, 365 days a year COMPLETELY FREE!

    • Conventional pool pumps last 3-5 years, while solar pool pumps can last 10+ years.

    • You help the planet by using less coal-burning generated energy.

    • Save up to 20% on your electricity bill.

While there are some obvious benefits to transitioning your pool pump to solar, there are also a few things to consider.

    • The upfront cost of installing a solar system.

    • If you generate more energy than what your pool pump needs, the excess goes to waste (unless you power your pump with a grid-connected solar system).

    • If you don’t generate enough energy to power your pool pump, you would need to add panels. The grid can’t top off the needed energy (unless you powering your pump with a grid-connected solar system).

    • On overcast days, you might not generate enough energy to power your pump (if you are connected to the grid, it would draw power from the grid).

What you’ll need to install a solar powered pool pump:

    • DC powered pool pump

    • Solar panels (depending on the pool pump, wattage and number of panels will fluctuate)

    • Controller

    • Wire and conduit

    • PVC pipe

Our Recommendation:

While there is a high upfront cost, switching to a solar pool pump is a no-brainer. Install a solar pool pump and never have to worry about the cost to power your pool again! You will enjoy your pool even more this summer knowing it’s not costing you $50 a month just to keep it running.

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