Why Recycling & Refurbishing Solar Panels Keeps Them Affordable

Update 05/24/21

Solar prices continue to fall! Solar and renewable energies are becoming more and more accessible and because of the long life of solar panels, the more that are produced, the more there are in circulation. This contributes to a continuous reduction in solar panels.

SanTan Solar sees this first hand everyday. SanTan Solar has a larger stock of solar panels than ever before, in large part due to the growth and success of the second hand solar market.

Despite Silver Price Increases, Solar is More Affordable Than Ever Thanks to the Recycling & Refurbishing of Panels!

Silver prices are rising, and solar energy might be the one to blame! That doesn’t mean renewable energy enthusiasts have to suffer! Buying used, refurbished or repaired panels is still an amazing way to save money on solar energy!

Solar Panels Stacked On Top Of Each Other On The Ground

The University of Kent published an article analyzing the cost trends of silver between 1990 and 2016, noting a rise in overall cost of silver and faulting solar panel growth as one of the leading causes. They hypothesize that this marks the beginning of the end for cheap solar panels. Here’s why that doesn’t have to be the case:

Buy Used or Refurbished

For the same reason you might buy a used iPhone, Xbox, or even a used Mercedes, buying used solar panels is a cost-effective way for the rest of us to create our own renewable energy, and at a price we can afford.

What happens to solar panels after they go up on a building? Do they stay there forever? Do they ever get damaged, break, or get replaced by a newer model? Of course they do! So, what happens to those broken, damaged, or just older model panels?

Because there are laws that prohibit companies from dumping solar panels in a landfill, they have to find ways to get rid of them, creating a market for used, repaired and refurbished panels!

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Santan Solar is one of the few companies that specializes in selling used, repaired and refurbished solar panels.

Why is buying a used solar panel like buying a used car? Just because a car gets driven around it doesn’t make it garbage! Imagine a CEO buys brand new Mercedes, drives it for a few years, then decides it’s time for an upgrade. The car would still have low miles, be in great condition, but the price would be much better. This same mentality is the best way to approach used solar panels. They work as intended, offer a discount to the buyer and are built to last!

While silver prices might be on the rise in the coming years, shopping smart can still save you money on your energy bill and contribute to a better environment.

Want to know how many solar panels you need? Check out our solar panel calculator here.

If this sounds like a steal, come check out Santan Solar and see if some of these used solar panels work for you!



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